People are gonna tell you who you are your whole life. You just gotta punch back and say, no, this is who I am.





“I’m gonna build a snowman.”

- Dairy Queen




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  Anonymous said:
I'm the one who asked if Colin's ok. I promise I'm not a hater. I just have reasons for asking, and really want to know. It's just for my own peace of mind. Thanks.

Okay so what do you mean by “Is Colin ok?” as in character wise or health wise?

Because characterwise he’s not okay, he’s perfect!! Such a gentleman.

And healt wise, when we met him he was tired, but other than that he seems good. 

YAYY!! I Met Colin again!!

Please don’t crop me out of this picture or repost it. 

This was on Wednesday, when I got home after work, I figured out the location they were filming at and decided that I really didn’t have anything better to do and BOOM I was on my way. 

On set, I met the-lady-swan and i-know-how-you-kiss and another girl who’s url I still can’t remember. Trust me these girls are the best. I’ve never laughed (and sung) so much on set! Seriously girls, I’m gonna miss you guys!

So yeah, after having ours of fun by ourselves and a few actors passing by, Colin finally came over to see us!!! He’s such a sweetheart. Asking us about our day, and just talking about how it’d finally stopped raining and all. Yeah, again, such a sweetheart. 

my roomie is watching ncis la and the tv is so loud and then there was the “click click click woooossssshhh” thingy and thats how i figured it out. 

Perspective is Everything.


So I just got back from my last day of watching filming since tomorrow they will be in studio and I just have some perspective I’d like to share. Some of you have gone to watch filming, some of you haven’t, some of you may not even care less what I have to say and if you don’t, that’s all you.

We didn’t get to meet any actors today as the set was closed to the public even for fans who want to hang out on the sidelines and wait for the actors for a chance to meet them. Their trailers were set up along the side of the road in a line and to the side there was a small little hill with a walkway with benches and stuff along the seawall of Stanley Park. They allowed us to sit there and we were seriously 5-10 feet away from their trailers.

We saw Colin, Lana, JMo, Georgina, Jared, Josh, Ginny, Bobby, SMF and Elizabeth. When they came back from filming, we were sitting right in front of Josh’s trailer and he kept yelling GOOD DAY, SIR to Jared as Jared was walking away to his trailer. He did this like 6 times. It was HILARIOUS. Josh was in a much better mood than he was yesterday. We also saw Colin A LOT and when he came back from filming, I think he recognized us from yesterday and he smiled and waved. Sweet cutie pie that he is. 

But here is where perspective kicks in. Another fan showed up and basically stared down the entire cast and was taking pics as they were walking to their trailers. She also yelled Lana’s name trying to get her attention. Canadagraphs also showed up and wormed his way in to set where he wasn’t supposed to be and we heard the security crew taking extra measures to get the cast safely to their cars without the paps taking pics of them. Poor Ginny won’t even walk by a group of fans without having the security team walking with her and blocking her from view using umbrellas b/c people want to take pics of her and her baby. 

This cast works SO hard you guys. They work so hard to bring us this amazing show and seeing first hand the amount of people that it takes to bring this production to life, and talking to the exhausted crew members who work 16+ hour days and then get up early the next day to do it all over again…and just seeing how hard they have to work to protect this cast from the overbearing forceful eyes of fans who don’t know when to take a step back and let them do their job…I don’t know, it really struck a nerve. I didn’t take any pictures of them today. Just being that close to them and seeing them go about their day to day was enough for me. Hearing Lana laugh with Jared’s mom and seeing how cute Josh was with Jared and just seeing how…..nervous and wary they are of fans just really hit home with me.

The pictures we all reblog from the pap twitters that are taken without their permission and all of the spoilers that are given by these people come at a cost. I don’t believe that just b/c these people are celebrities, that it gives us a right to their personal lives. I also don’t feel that just b/c we are fans that it entitles us to pics taken without their consent or even their knowledge. Colin was our saving grace, he was the only one to even really acknowledge our presence and I consider myself lucky and blessed to have shared a couple of small moments with him.

But from here on out, I will not reblog any pics from the pap twitters or anything taken without their knowledge b/c trust me when I say, it makes them very uncomfortable. And if you happen to go watch filming, just realize you are showing up at someone’s place of work, expecting them to take time away from it for you. So have a little respect, keep your distance, smile and wave if you want to but don’t force yourself on them. And don’t sass them when they don’t come over to talk to you. It was wonderful meeting Colin, but it was heartbreaking seeing JMo and Ginny feeling like they had to block themselves from us in case we were trying to take pics of them or whatever, because that’s what usually happens. It wasn’t us, it’s just what they’re used to. And that’s sad.

I had a wonderful time, being in the mix with my favorite show and my favorite characters/actors was an experience I will NEVER forget. And sure, I didn’t get to meet as many people as I’d like but, at least I was respectful and at the end of the day that’s all I care about. I know this will never change anyone’s behavior, believe me, I saw first hand how some people act and how entitled they think they are to autographs and pictures. But the paps and the overbearing fans have ruined a lot of the interaction aspect and the relationship between these people and their fans and I will no longer be giving those blogs/twitters any sort of support or acknowledgement and I encourage you all to do the same.


Because this is so true. And I’ve seen this so many times on set. Some people are just so disrespectful to the actors as if they’re object, as if they don’t have feeling. But they do and I’m so happy that I’m not the only one who noticed this. Yes, I do go to set a lot, but I always listen to the security, and stay out of the crew’s way. 

Thanks so much Carrie for pointing this out because this is so fucking true. 

Thank you so much the-lady-swan and i-know-how-you-kiss and the other girl who’s url I forgot (really Laura?!) for the most fun I’ve ever had on set. Like srsly, I’ve never laughed so hard. My cheeks still hurt. And I’m so glad you guys didn’t drive up for nothing!