People are gonna tell you who you are your whole life. You just gotta punch back and say, no, this is who I am.

Aspiring actress.
  Anonymous said:
Aren't they filming today? No spoilers?

They are. I’m just not there. Might go later today but they r in the woods so nothing to see.

  Anonymous said:
Thanks for your reports from the set! You are wonderful! :)

No problemo!!

  Anonymous said:
Did you go to filming today?

Might go later on today. But they are filming in the woods so we won’t be able to say anything anyway.

lol i never though i’d actually see myself on the news lol

Were the date scenes blocked as I haven't seen any pictures

For as fas as I could see the whole restaurant was blocked.

  Anonymous said:
Will we possibly get any spoilers tomorrow or if not some time this week?

I don’t know. If they are shooting at Stanley park tomorrow, I might go. But I kinda have to look for a job so I can’t go to Burnaby Central park.

Though others might go.

So guys I just left the set because I needed to get my bus. I can still answer questions about today, just not about what’s going on right at this moment.

  Anonymous said:
Are they filming tomorrow as well?

Yes but not in steveston. Either in stanley park or central park in burnaby. Dunno which one though.

  Anonymous said:
is the filming setup inside the restaurant or outside in the terrace?

Its inside.

Some ppl just saw that she was wearing a pink floral dress though. (Did not see this myself so I’m not a 100% sure)

Jmo totally went into the restaurant completely covered by a black cape and some unbrella’s. She was wearing heals though

  Anonymous said:
Do you know who is filming in tapenade bistro?

Jmo colin michael

  Anonymous said:
i heard that will was trying to break into the library and thats why hook punched him out. i hate that will will more than likely interrupt their date. can't they just have one moment not interrupted. how is an interrupted date a proper date.

Thats what i saw last night. I dunno whats gonna happen but im sure they will have a nice moment together.

  Anonymous said:
Hey I want to give you a HUGE THANK YOU for all of the wonderful updates you give out!!!you are such I wonderful and awesome person for keeping me updated on a show I love so much!!THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!


And no problem at all!

Thank you so much for all the news you told us today I wouldn't get anything if it wasn't for you. Hoping for date pics soon

No problem!!